THE SLIDERS! – FIFA 17 Goalkeeper Career Mode

THE SLIDERS! - FIFA 17 Goalkeeper Career Mode

FIFA 17 Goalkeeper Career Mode series episode 2. In this one we skip straight to the start of the season and I show the sliders! If you enjoyed this video then please leave a like and don’t forget to subscribe to see future content. All feedback is welcome. Thanks for watching!

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« Oh, EA, how do we still have to continue to fix your patch updates!? Oh well, we don’t do this to hope they change their ways, we do this out of necessity. Here are hopefully the *final* set of FIFA 17 sliders. Hoping that if there is a 1.08 patch, that the sliders can hold up. Sorry about my voice as I’m losing it!! Big kudos to Operation Sports FIFA sliders community!!!!


Operation Sports Community Sliders

World Class/Legendary, 10-15 Mins, Slow Speed

Camera: Broadcast, Default Zoom & Height

Sprint – 50/50 – Helps the CPU being dispossessed because the increase in speed means an increase in reaching another player, and thus a better chance of losing the ball.

Accel – 49/49 – More control of player’s momentum. True through passes due to more loose balls.

Shot Error – 50/50 – more chances, needs more goals, simple.

Pass Error – 52/52 – Love that this works because the CPU will use all sorts of variety, and without the notion to drill pass every single time, due to the pass speed at 30, they have to find other ways to create chances – and they will – and they will keep you on your toes.

Shot Speed – 51/51 – Bumped this up because GK is now back at 50, get those slight deflections back and a chance to score a screamer once in a while.

Pass Speed – 45/32 – Bumped CPU pass speed to 32 from 30, and it’s still maintained the proper speed in passes, with the occasional drilled pass once in a while. The FT control allows these type of passes not to be perfectly controlled, then add on the proper positioning via the line settings and marking. Kudos to everyone who tested the values of 32 and 33 respectively. The thought process with 32 is that the better teams/players will have a bit more tendency to drilled pass, but definitely not at the same tendency, or speed, as anything higher than 35.

Injury Freq – 50/50 – Best balance between injury variety and matches where players have to be subbed out, but also where there isn’t that requirement.

Injury Severity – 5/5 – Best balance between injury variety and matches where players have to be subbed out, but also where there isn’t that requirement.

GK Ability – 50/50 – No need to go super low on GK anymore since they dive underneath the flight of the ball on shots on all values. 50 has been best, but that doesn’t mean they won’t do it on occasion.

Marking – 49/54 – With increase in length, we can afford to lessen the marking value. Big kudos to @andanesean for suggesting lowering the user’s marking under 50. The HLW makes up for the lack of marking values, but also allows the CPU to play with a lot more variety in their attack.

Run Freq – 5/5 – Plenty of movement off the ball, and run variety.

Height – 65/65 – Evened out height as 65/68 didn’t really show too much, other than more off the mark defending on more on more than one occasion.

Length – 48/50 – Discrepancy now makes the CPU much more of a threat going forward, but still maintains overall shape.

Width – 54/53 – Discrepancy to compensate for the length increase. Want to make sure not so wide that defending players do not remain goal side, but not too wide where players aren’t running into the box.

FB Pos – 68/68 – Think 68 is perfect. Good variety and nice to get proper counter attacks working.

FT Control – 65/65 – Lots of love for 65, don’t see any real reason to lower it.

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  1. im doing a goalkeeper career mode but not on my channel and it was in the champions league final and it was in the 90 minute and it was 0 – 0 and i pressed x by accident and my team scored an own goal 🙁

  2. I used your sliders but my team still dominate should I put the difficulty to legendary instead of world class

  3. Question : I'm playing player career mode but as a striker I rarely if ever conside goals and I am getting tired of it like cpu has possession but barely make any chances will this sliders help the game be more fun for a striker ? And will it affect my player or just cpu (my team and opposition team) please anyone reply! If it won't can you tell me your recommended sliders for me if possible then ?

  4. I play Fifa and more games on my channel, if your interested check out the channel and possibly drop a sub……Then again I'm not forcing you or anything so don't take this to heart or something like that, anyways thanks a bunch everyone 🙂

  5. The sliders isn't working at all the matches always end 0-0 or I'll lose 1-0 or 2-0 my team can't score they can't even get in the box they are just clumsy and just runs straight into the opposing team please help!

  6. Hi BruceL33t ! Do you let go of LB/L1 just before you save? Do you hold it until the last second? Thanks

  7. What difficulty do you recommend as i use to play on legendary and it was to easy but then I recently switched to world class as i feel that the AI on world class are more attacking instead of just passing all the time on legendary.

  8. @Matt10L what you recommend me?
    for me is not working at all this sliders, i'm playing at legendary, 10 min, slow
    for example playing like HSV vs Bremen, 9-0,
    39 shots | cpu 2
    24 on target | cpu 1
    88 % pass acc | cpu 81% PS. here is nice %

  9. hey matt how can I make legendary hard but realistic. it was to easy for me I put 61 on marking frequency ang 63 on run frequency its still easy

  10. Matt i just found your video and I tried your sliders in a game and it is a whole different feeling to it.I don't know how many hours you've put in finding this balance,but I trully appreciate what you've done.Cheers! 🙂

  11. Great stuff. Just got the game. Bit late! I'll be using these. Can i just ask…what were the settings for the CPU injury freq, injury severity and GK ability, are they 50, 5, 50?

  12. Hi Matt. Do you use full manual settings? I try full manual settings but speed is too high even if i'm playing on slow speed. excuse me for my english… thanks !!

  13. I'll also add that because the sliders make it realistic it makes every other facet of the game better. Transfers actually matter now, strategy, etc etc. Its now a hybrid of FM & Fifa… FIFA Manager.

  14. These sliders seem really, really realistic. It's been a joy to play FIFA again. Playing on Legendary w/ FIFA sliders as Everton & I had won my first 9 games. Just wasn't fun, so I switched to Swansea for a "challenge" and I was 3rd without making any transfers. But with these sliders, it's fun again (I won't go into the reasons why) and I thank you. UP THE TOFFEES!

  15. Hi Matt. I have just downloaded version 1.07.

    I play offline against the computer, and I only play on the lower difficulty levels ( amateur, semi pro or maybe pro at most ) because at higher levels I don't like the relentless pressing from the CPU. I don't get enough time on the ball to think – which prevents me playing the patient short passing style that I prefer.

    The slider settings here are for higher difficulty levels, and I presume wouldn't be appropriate for mine. Is there a way to adjust the sliders to play a realistic brand of football for those who, like me, find higher difficulties too frustrating ? If you believe that there is, can you recommend a set to use, or can you make a video for this ?

    Or am I and others stuck with hit and miss experimenting ?


  16. First 3 games gave me results that i hadnt experienced all season. 0-2 2-0 and 3-0. Finally enioyment in the game and even a loss where i was dominated.

  17. Hey Matt! Thanks for the new sliders again. Really enjoying it!Could I ask you just one question? Do you think goalkeeper 15/15 still works? I kinda liked the weak goalie 🙂

  18. I used these for world class, 7 minute halves and medium game speed ( i know..not the persist's way but still..). Still slightly arcadey…but WOW. best 0-0 I've played in ages.

  19. Friend, how have you played with your control settings? Could you describe all the options? Thank you!

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