There was an incredible ending at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016 Grand Final Showdown in New York City. Watch the semi-finals and two-legged final and see who can lay claim to being the best FIFA player in the world! More Videos From the FIWC 2016 Grand Final:

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  1. I was rooting for the English lad in the final but Mohammad won me over at the end. Seemed like a lovely guy and that was really classy of him to thank the audience in his victory speech. You could see it meant a lot to him. Good vibes

  2. Guys I want to participate in fifa 17. Interactive world cup… Could someone please tell me how to get into that

  3. This PS4-XBOX switch thing sucks!!!!! This guy won because of away goals??? It doesn´t make sense, total dissapoinment.

  4. im the only one that see a little handicap in favour of france??? the passsing of the "brazil" are slugged, its obvius, the reaction of "france" are al little more quicker….. they forgot to eliminate the handicap for this jajajajajjajaa, bullshit unreal games…..

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