LEAKED FIFA 17 TOP 30 PLAYER RATINGS ft. Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Neymar / FIFA 17 ULTIMATE TEAM

LEAKED FIFA 17 TOP 30 PLAYER RATINGS ft. Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Neymar / FIFA 17 ULTIMATE TEAM

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  1. Ronaldo should be higher than messi! But at least they Finally made Them the Same Rating…(im not english speeker)
    I mean in the Last year Ronaldo was way better

  2. Hazard had a bad season but everybody knows he's back killing it, he's a world class player and even now he should have a slight edge on players like Sanchez, Di Maria and Reus. I'm not a Chelsea fan BTW just think Hazard does things a lot of these 88-89 players aren't able to do, football isn't all about stats

  3. Pepe should be 87 or 86 amazing Euro he had!!! Ronaldo 94 with the same rating as Messi seems fair. Pogba should be 87 , Modric should be 88 and Bale should be 90/91 .

  4. How is Messi same rating as Ronaldo???? Ronaldo has been sooo much better, Messi is not good enough. Ronaldo is the most complete player in the history of football. WTF FIFA!!

  5. Ramos is a beast and scores so many vital goals. Boateng and Ramos should be the highest rated defenders, Thiago Silva is massively overrated, he is solid but definetly not the best CB in the world!!! Also an 89 rating for Iniesta is a bit too high considering his age, same with Ibrahimovic, both are still top quality but 89/90 is a bit too high for me. Zlatan should be 88 and Iniesta 86 as i think David Silva is now better due to his age. Another player who's massively underrated is Laurent Koscielny, he won most duels at the Euros in France and was the leader at the back of a strong France team as well as showing amazing performances for Arsenal for years now. He should be rated 86 i think. Modric is regarded by many as Real Madrids most important player and best deep lying CM in the world so 89 would have been fair as for Bale, he should be rated 90 as he had another amazing season with very good stats and an amazing Euro 2016 campaign. Robben was rated too high, he was injured for very long and din't have his best season, 88 is way too much, i think 86 would have been fair

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