How to fix graphic lags\low fps in FIFA 15 for pc tutorial

How to fix graphic lags\low fps in FIFA 15 for pc tutorial. FIFA 15 has graphic lag for PC, this tutorial to make game work faster that will fix the lag:)

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This Fifa 17 Dribbling Tutorial and Guide will focus on the precision dribble aka the face-up dribble in Fifa 17. The precision dribble is an extremely 2 star skill move in Fifa 17. It is very easy to perform by pressing and holding both trigger buttons at the same time. This give you extreme control of the ball and allows you to buy time for your team to make runs. This is the perfect skill move for when you need to buy time to observe the pitch and find the open man.

This Fifa 17 dribbling tutorial and guide also shows that the precision dribble/ face-up dribble has be slightly nerfed from Fifa 15 and 16. While it is still the best skill move for gaining space it no longer is very good for cutting inside and doing zig-zagging motions. You lose almost all of your speed when doing the move and the sprint exit is not nearly as effective in Fifa 17 for the precision dribble.

Fifa 17 skill move tutorial and guide the precision dribble/ face-up dribble. The best way to buy time for runs.

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  1. the head of many players in barca madrid leciester etc are dissapearing…its so irritating especially while they celebrate.pls help me fix it…windows 10 pro 64 bit core i3 4th gen n 8gb ram. I have all the files but it still bugs. please help

  2. my picture runs smooth, but my players are dark when choosing the kit and even playing, and the commentators stammers.. anyone with help

  3. Maybe you should point out that, for most of us, the game is laggy because the final crack was not released yet.

  4. how do u do it backwards?? I swear every time I try to do it backwards my player just turns back lol without dribbling

  5. why don't any "pros" have a tutorial on crosses and corners when you cant take control of your own player and the cpu moves them for you.. even with auto move assist off and auto switch off… lt+rt used to let you move the player yourself… in skill games it works perfect… online it doesn't work at all… just more proof that online is scripted and controlled by ea

  6. I got a little bit confused… if i need to press L2 and R2 at the same time, and then release the sprint button, I WOULDN'T BE HOLDING R2 ??

  7. When i try this vs cpu it doesn't work. My player moves slow and I lose the ball. What am i doing wrong.

  8. RT is my sprint button, i use the classic control config on fifa 17…how will i do this face up dribbling?

  9. If i run with R1 and use the arrows to run (and not the left stick), do i need to press R1 + L2 and the arrows or R1 + L2 and the left stick?

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