Showing my team, tactics, instructions and gameplay from the second Weekend League of May.

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These are my controller settings and I strongly believe they are optimal for FIFA 17. These were the one I used in order to reach 1st place on FUT Champions October leaderboard as well as 6th place on the November leaderboard.

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  1. Boraslegend what happends if you do high on the controller settings does somebody also know what happends if you change it

  2. Just wanted to say I our vids are brilliant boras, keep doing what you're doing! Definitely a unique YouTuber to the others.

    Quick question, could you explain why you use the record breaker ronaldo, is he the best bang for your buck?

  3. Hi Boras, thanks for this series! I find it the most useful to improve at advanced levels (just reached gold 1). Could you explain how you use 3-4-1-2 to counter 4-2-3-1? Would really like to hear more about these strategies.

  4. i had 1.6 million coins… got bored waiting for TOTS … didn't wanna play matches – made 2-3 new Playstation and ea sports accounts – i transfered 20k-25k coins to each account – bought players to do a specific SBC in those accounts … i opened packs – sold players – HARDLY for a profit coz their packs are so shit – transfered coins back into my 1st account – got coin wiped ALL coins. I appealed – lost appeal. I didn't even but coins and frankly i don't even give a shit if it's against rules. i didn't buy coins… those were my accounts… what limits me from having 10 or 100 Playstation and EA online profiles?!? fuck ea – and coin selling and coin promoting is ok from everyone on YouTube and on all coin selling websites… cool and EVERY YEAR when i start fifa u can already see players have on DAY ONE have 10 million coins in leader boards and FULL Barcelona / Madrid hybrid squads. fuck ea. I'm buying pes 2018 or at very least defiantly not playing ultimate team. waste of life. if i wanted to play a shit game without morals where everyone cheats I'd stick to real life – sell drugs and prostitute my mum and sister like a gypsy refugee. fuck ea so hard i hope isis blows them up no i really do and if people die BAD LUCK. hacking is too good for you. u need to be destroyed and people need to die to learn your lessons. i don't want to apologize because atleast I'm being honest unlike ea. thx for reading and have a nice day 🙂

  5. link david luiz with alex sandro and use a brazilian LCM like casemiro and if u want sub him off for someone u like more

  6. Boras you sexy motherfucker, you have no idea how much Air Balls selection changed fifa for me, now my defence is on lock I just got my best finish of 34-6 and get my first guarenteed totw pack

    ur a god among men

  7. What?! I've been playing with manual settings since FIFA 15 because I thought Pro players played in manual. NO wonder why I always get smashed.

  8. Actually auto and high is the best and you can manually do the tactical defending. You just need to learn the button combination for it.

  9. Only when I play FUT champions league do I really notice my AI's do really stupid stuff…after watching this video I hope that can stop because I had my auto move on high I hope I found the problem thanks bro!

  10. People put almost everything on "assisted" and then they be like: "fucking game, i have no controls over it. Damn momentum!"

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