FIFA Interactive World Cup highlights

IN the days after Neymar’s world-record transfer, Paris Saint- Germain was wrapping up another ground-breaking signing. One less costly and lacking the Brazilian’s fanfare.

Ahmed Al-Meghessib won’t be lining up alongside Neymar, but the 19-year-old Qatari is no less a soccer pioneer.

Unlike the other 31 console competitors at the FIFA Interactive World Cup in London this week, Al-Meghessib still pulls on his boots for a top-flight club, in his native Qatar with Al-Duhail.

“I am a real football player,” he says. “It is a great feeling to be a virtual and an actual football player.”

Unfortunately for Al-Meghessib, whose gaming name is “AMEGHESSIB,” he couldn’t transfer his talent for real football into a deep run in the virtual finals. He finished in the middle of his group in the first round and advanced no further. It was the same fate for the second gamer signed by PSG in its first esports squad.

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