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FIFA 18 is coming. EA hasn’t said a great deal about it yet, but it’ll arrive at around the same time of the year that it does every year. You might not feel too excited about it now, but jump forward to day of release and you’ll be hunting high and low for the best deal on FIFA 18. In this article we’ll constantly round-up all the latest info on FIFA 18, including the FIFA 18 release date, FIFA 18 pre-order info, and the news on what EA is doing with The Journey story mode in FIFA 18.

FIFA 18 Release Date and Pre-order Info – Just Let us Play the Game Already!

EA is yet to announce the release date for FIFA 18, but we can make a solid stab at guessing going on previous years. Generally FIFA launches on a Tuesday towards the end of September. An ideal date for FIFA 18 to release is Tuesday, September 26. While FIFA 18 is guaranteed to launch on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, its appearance on last gen consoles PS3 and Xbox 360 is uncertain.

FIFA 18 is likely to get numerous substantial gameplay tweaks and additions on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but older consoles may be dropped completely or given simple roster and stat updates on what is essentially the same game as FIFA 17. EA has confirmed that FIFA 18 is coming to Nintendo Switch, with Patrick Söderlund having made the official announcement during Nintendo’s big Switch reveal event back in January.

“EA Sports’ FIFA on Nintendo Switch will be the most immersive, social, and authentic sports game ever created for Nintendo players,” Söderlund said. “It will deliver the FIFA experience custom-built for Nintendo Switch so you can play anywhere, play with anyone, and play how you want to play.”

FIFA 18 will be revealed during EA Play, Electronic Arts’ event held just prior to E3. The big announcements will take play during a live conference on June 10, but there’s a chance we’ll see a teaser trailer for FIFA 18 before then – like EA did with Madden 18.

The quality of FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch will be a big sign of how EA will approach Switch games in the future. There’s the potential for the Switch version of FIFA 18 to be a wonderful option for gamers on the move, finalising realising the dream of a great portable soccer game that was almost a reality with FIFA on the PS Vita. Switch owners will want their version of the game to feel feature complete and not simply a rebadged version of FIFA 17 for Xbox 360/PS3.

What do we Want From FIFA 18? A Lot Needs to Change

FIFA 17 made the jump from the Ignite Engine to Frostbite, but in terms of gameplay and visuals there wasn’t the massive leap that might have been expected. Sure, the lighting was improved and we got more impressive shots of the stadiums (plus all the areas featured in The Journey), but player likenesses were still a bit hit and miss. Now the dev team is au fait with the game engine, perhaps we’ll see bigger strides taken in the move from FIFA 17 to FIFA 18.

  • Improved Penalties – The new penalty system in FIFA 17 took a lot of getting used to, but after many hours it finally showed itself to be not awful. There’s still a lot of improving to be done here, so hopefully EA will refine it rather than cut its losses and revert to the tried and tested, but rather dull system of old.
  • Corner System Changes – The way corners worked in FIFA 17 often made it feel like you had your hands tied over the outcome. There was lots of options but FIFA 18 needs to make the player feel like they’re in control again.
  • Defending Still Isn’t Right – Defending in FIFA over the last few years has been a massive point of contention. Tactical Defending can be learnt but it’s incredibly hard to get good enough to entirely close out a team, meaning the best form of defense was to attack and outscore opponents. The defending of old feels rather dated now, but the new system isn’t right either.
  • The Journey 2 – What EA is going to do with its follow-up to the surprisingly engaging and successful FIFA story mode is one of the biggest mysteries surrounding FIFA 18. Will the story continue with Hunter (FIFA 17’s story ended after a single season) or will EA try something new? Another origin story, starting with a youngster and following through to a pro career would seem lazy, so focusing on Hunter hitting the big time would make sense.
  • Manager Likenesses – One standout feature (and not in a good way) in FIFA 17 was the manager likenesses, especially during The Journey. Their faces and animations simply weren’t good enough and need a big improvement in FIFA 18.
  • Sort Out The Voice Acting – The Journey in FIFA 17 got away with a lot due to the mode being inside a football sim. Had we been witnessing the voice acting and script in a proper adventure game, it would have been decimated by press and fans. More natural dialogue is needed and included pros need some lessons in how to deliver lines.

There isn’t currently a way to pre-order FIFA 18, but we’ll update with news when the various editions of the game are announced. There is likely to be a standard edition of FIFA 18 plus a a FIFA 18 Deluxe Edition. FIFA 17’s Deluxe Edition included a total of 20 FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, 3-Match Team of the Week FUT Loan Players, 8-Match FUT Loan Player and Special Edition FUT Kits. Expect something similar with FIFA 18.

The cover star of FIFA 18 is yet to be announced, but it’s guaranteed to be either an established or rapidly rising star of the game. Konami’s deal with Barcelona might scupper the chances of Messi, Neymar and Suarez appearing on the FIFA 18 cover, but there are plenty of other players to choose from. Dele Alli is surely in with a great chance, coming off the back of an amazing season with Tottenham, while Chelsea’s Eden Hazard must be in with a shout after his team took the Premier League title. It’s unlikely we’ll see Ronaldo on the cover of FIFA 18 as he’s currently brand ambassador of Pro Evolution Soccer.

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