FIFA 17 vs PES 17 / Which GAME is BETTER & WHY ! Find out HERE !!!

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  1. I think both are good in their own way but fifa has good graphics and replays compared to pes but pes has good passing and dribbling system

  2. spot on Ovvy, the ball in PES is just like.. floating, and the goalkeeper is just way easily beaten, they've done a great job for this year pes 2017 with finesse shot not that overpowered anymore, but still the heading glitch is just way too ridiculous, and the GK is just way too lazy to get up to block the rebound ball, they just laying on the ground, both games have their own glitches and bugs, yes FIFA is way too easy to concede/score with long range shoot, but still FIFA feels more like reality to me..

  3. I played both and what I felt is pes17 gameplay is far better than fifa and though it has lower graphic than fifa but it has realistic graphics which is not in the so called frostbite shit. A true football fan will only enjoy pes not fifa fuckers

  4. He's off his head, have put a lot of time in to both games and PES 2017 for me is a better game, I find it better balanced and that I have to work to pass the ball around, in FIFA 17 it doesn't matter what team I play as all I have to do is keep running up the wings and cross the ball, in PES 2017 I have to look at what my player ratings, style of play are and adjust my playing style accordingly, don't get me wrong I enjoy both games but gameplay PES is better.

  5. i played many years pes and fifa but fifa is better pes i same yust like last one and best pes was i a pes 13 so this year i will buy fifa

  6. Ovvy I like you man but no, Fifa 17 shots are not more realistic than those in PES 17. Go watch a game of football this weekend and try and see how many shots in any given match in any league look like those in Fifa. A real game of football (usually!) doesn't have 5-10 over the top upper left or right hand corner, off the bar goals. Fifa 16 was particularly unrealistic with long shots because it was quite easy to score a magnificent goal with an average shooter from a large distance. I also think that successful goals from a distance in Fifa games are often a product of lazy and shite goalkeeping as opposed to high accuracy and power on the shooters part. In Fifa 17 shots are more balanced and EA added driven shots which is a welcome change but PES 17 is still more realistic and "real football like" in most aspects of the game. This is also due to the fact that in PES 17 further efforts have been made to distinguish individual players, and the playing styles of the game’s top stars are immediately recognisable. In PES 17, Pogba won't shoot the same way as CR7 or Messi but will very much shoot the same way as those two in Fifa 17…
    Fyi I've been playing Fifa 1998-2000, then played PES 4 (PS 2) and PES 5/6 (PC) quite a lot and then switched back to Fifa 2009 after a few years. Last year I went with Fifa 16 over PES 16 which was a tough decision because of how good PES 16 was. Unfortunately EA got lazy over the last few years and this shows in both Fifa 15 (terrible defense, OP counterattacks, air through balls and crosses) and Fifa 16 (God awful through balls, scripted passing, silly penalties, unresponsive controls). Unless the final product this year is a grand improvement, I'm going with PES this year and I won't look back.

  7. I have to say I was a big fifa guy, but this year i bought pes17…….i dont regret it one bit. Its just more fun to me. The touch is way better with pes, the crosses actualy work…yay! passing is out of this world…big thumbs up. Love the graphics and the feel of pes17. pes just feels more of a robust game than fifa this year. I have played it with my friends yesterday (It was the first time they played pes) And they all said pes 17 is a great game. We all have different taste, so I respect Ovvy. Oh yeah also in pes the sliding tackle actually WORK!!! In fifa the sliding tackle is total shit and they can cut it out entirely and it wouldnt change the game at all because its totally useless, i always hated that in fifa¨. Things I hate in fifa is the touch of the players, crosses, sliding tackles, passing and the fact that its all about pace

  8. pes is way better it looks like you actually playing live, but fifa cause the rights, they have all the teams,players ect….. but if pes would buy all the rights then ea would be in trouble

  9. Thats why pes 16 destroyed fifa rating wise world wide and by people who knows quality, rest of u guys who never touched a real ball in their life praise fifa, .

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