FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship America KIDM3MITO vs AA9skillz

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship AA9skillz vs KIDM3MITO Americas Group Stage
Schedule of the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Series:
Season One Regional Finals
Paris – Feb 4
Sydney – Feb 11
Miami – Feb 19
Season Two Regional Finals
Vancouver – April 8
Singapore – April 22
Madrid – May 6
Ultimate Team Championship Finals
Berlin – May 20

FIFA 17 vs PES 17 ALL Player Faces:
FIFA 17 vs FIFA 16 Gameplay and Graphics Comparison:

FIFA 17 All Boots including Hidden Boots:

FIFA 17 The Journey Final Scene:

FIFA 17 Griezmann Celebration:

FIFA 17 Rabona shot Tutorial:

FIFA 17 Official Gameplay:

Bayern Munich Players play FIFA 17:

FIFA 17 Scanned Heads:

BEST FIFA Commercials:

FIFA Skill Moves Tutorial:

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  1. i havent really plaid fifa no more but dam seen there game play they didnt look so good or professional lol like seruously i feel u got better deffending and skills then them but then again it always happends but i am 100 percent shure theres way better ppl at fifa nuff said

  2. a lot of people don't make use of the R1 or RB button in attack. it's very resourceful if you don't want your attack to end prematurely.

  3. no les da vergüenza imbenciles tan viejos con un juego sin nada parecerse a un simulador de fútbol . por eso el manco de tira tantas flores este año mejor PES por lejos .

  4. How many long shots does it take for skillz to realise the guy just wants to go to the left with Messi to shoot a cross body?

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