Fifa 17 Stadium Crash/ Intel & Nvidia Graphics Error: Fixed

This is the fix for PC users’ that can’t get into matches from the stadium skill games before matches on Fifa 17.

Thw issue is caused because of lack of support on low end grqphics cards

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  1. what will happen if i put the tdr delay value at 5 or 10? cause my game play is now a lil bit fast for me???

  2. bro even after doing this my game is crashing in journey where hunter goes for its first match against Liverpool. there error is the same of directx. I tried so many things but still nothing.. pls help

  3. Hey Dude, i've done this solution but still having the same Problem, do u have any advice what else i could try?

  4. Do you get an issue where the stadium you play at is incorrect so you play s game at the signal iduna park then face wolfsburg away and it's still dortmund's stadium?
    There's no fix for it anywhere

  5. hey man. does the tdr delay setting affect my other games? i installed battlefield 4 and it hung after a huge explosion in the first mission. any idea?

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