« I wanted to thank all of you for being so patient as we are trying to get an official set out to everyone. This video just shows how much work is being put into sliders this year. The most recent patch update has been great, and it really feels like EA is listening. I will have another video of gameplay, showcasing what the areas are that we are working on.

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▬ Next Upload Date: Saturday 11.19.16
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  1. do you think these sliders make the players attributes stand out more? like a good passer will be a good passer or a dribbler can actually dribble or do you think everyone stays the same like before?

  2. are the sliders on the operation sports side for the newest patch ? Or should I play on default settings until the sliders are done!
    Thanks for help and sharing your passion!

  3. Any news? Haven't played fifa the last 2 weeks. I wait for your new sliders. Really look forward to try them out.

  4. i'm really pleased someone is putting effort into these issues! i keep losing interest really quickly in my career modes so now hopefully once there's a full and proper set of sliders out for the current build, i'll have more luck with even results and longevity. keep doing what you're doing :). looking forward to the official set.

  5. what slider settings are recommended for the fifa 17 now? new at fifa me and my mate struggling with semi pro :/ should be easy really at this level.. 21st nov 2016 🙂 link me or send email to many thanks the issue i have is fully understanding the sliders and which way to adjust them … hence just putting in whats recommended

  6. I apreciate your time wasted thank youi started a carrer mode with this sliders in 1860 München and i love because the club is focus in The formation of young players and not too importnace in The league that this its good for me because being in a club wich is focus in The league redult now is too difficult for me, Im from Uruguay

  7. I applied the OS set last night and played a few games and thought it played well . maybe u could try it out and see what u think ? I'm sure u could off course improve it more lol . but I think it's a great base to start from .

  8. weird – I was just about to tweet you asking where you'd been on YouTube! great to hear that it is playing well at the minute, hopefully future patches keep improving and not go backwards! hope you're well, mate

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