FIFA 17 REAL MADRID TUTORIAL / Best Formation Tactics & Instructions / How to Play with Real Madrid

FIFA 17 REAL MADRID – How To Play – Best Lineup, Formation Tactics & Player Instructions
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Showing my team, tactics, instructions and games from the first Weekend League of May and also got some happy news!

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  1. i have one question, if the openent infront of me is playing tough game and he colsed his defence he plays5 defences, so i dnt think this formation will work, in my opinion is to play 4-3-3 to and play to wings (bale,Ronaldo) is the best way to face him
    so wat do u think ?

  2. Boras you really have the best tutorials on YT but you don't do enough of them. week in week out FUTC gameplay content gets a bit boring. Definitely do 1 tutorial every3-4 days atleast since i prefer yurs to Ovvy and Krasi because you make them simpler and yet they feel more effective.

  3. hey boras, do you do a team fitness card after every game? I Always play with 2 teams, just so i dont have to use fitness and/or injury cards but i can see its much better to play with 1 good team. But its expensive to use fitness cards and injury cards after every game?

  4. i played that lil bitch team boras too, he beat me the same way 1-0. lil bitch just passes the ball in defense.

  5. Can u make tutorial about switching players? How you switch on player what u want i switch with L1 and i cant switch on player i want…

  6. I struggled to get 8 wins in a row in H2H Seasons Division 1. I've no idea how some of these guys can win 40 out of 40. Especially with all the lags, park the bus opponents, scripting etc.

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