Fifa 17 Pro Clubs Tips | How to Play CAM

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  1. U Are a fucking Cunt. Learn Playing fifa u shit player.. L1 Triangle ftw u cunt. i hope u get aids. LG. Blancey2k9

  2. Why does every FIFA youtube have an annoying voice. WHY do you need to SHOUT every other WORD you say? It is VERY jarring to people WHO are LISTENING…

  3. 11 vs 11 not working… only works playing against def bots. No decent human def will stand still waiting to get ball in back. I only saw players exploiting bot stupidity.

  4. i find the best cam build is 5"6 and 154 pounds, it allows you to be more agile if you're a cam who likes to dribble and make better angles for passes with your balance and agility

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