FIFA 17 Passing Tips: PinPoint Driven Pass Tutorial

FIFA 17 Passing Tips with the PinPoint Driven Pass Tutorial that will help with your passing either in online or offline play.
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There’s also a crossing glitch and a secret attacking trick to help you score more goals and create chances in FIFA 17 against the top world class players.

These tips work well for FUT Champions and Online Season, Career Mode and H2H and are compatible with the PS3/PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC. All the tips work after the recent gameplay patch updates that were released too. Watch in full HD 1080p and make sure to subscribe to the channel to stay up to date on all video publications.


  1. Hi Buddy, lots of time when i do pinpoint driven pass it either goes to a player that i am not aiming for or its intercepted by opponent. however, one advantage that is clear with it is it sends the ball faster. my question is are there some rules that i have to observe when doing pinpoint pass ?

  2. Great vid … just a question have you noticed after the patch that the full backs are pushing up more on a 4321 despite being on defensive I notice this wl I would be on defensive and I would get caught on the count .. question steven does the speed in custom tactics determine also how high your full backs push and partake in the attack … few weeks ago before the patch on defensive with 70 speed I would be kk but this week I was getting countered a lot

  3. hey I wanted to ask u something about career and its how to get a certain specialty for example I git seko fofana and I got his dribbling and stamina up to 88 and he still doesnt have neither the engine nor the dribbler specialty y?

  4. great tutorial! How do my opponents always have a man sprinting down the wing to receive a deep lob pass? my guys never do that

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