FIFA 17 My Player Career Mode – New Features


HUGE thankyou to EA for inviting me down to the #FIFA17CaptureEvent to play FIFA 17 early and for covering all food and drink costs for the day, very much appreciated!

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  1. please respond! i can't edit my player in a player career mode. what do i do? i have the function to edit redeemed, but when I go there I only see other players and not mine!

  2. I hate player career mode in this game, it says "MOVE THE BALL" everytime somebody steals the ball from you. Even if nobody is open near you it's really fucking annoying, it's annoyed me so much I stopped playing player career mode.

  3. wait.. I have a question? my player has been playing for liecester city and its apmosy the end of the season.. but I wanna go to Barcelona now.. how do I do that?

  4. i created my player in career mode,(career pro) i haven't been called on international duty, will my created player be called for international duty? i need help!!

  5. Its been two seasons, overall 82, bagging goals like crazy – still no transfers.

    Seems like in stuck in fucking J-League..

  6. If I start with a Football League 2 club, will they buy better players with the money earned from winning cup matches? Also, does the financial takeover work for player career too or just manager career?

  7. Don't know if I'm the only one that has had this problem but I created some players and when playing in game their faces all got switched to default faces. I went back to edit player and they are how I made them but in game they get default faces that are all the same.

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