FIFA 17 Mobile Update: Gameplay and New Features!

Gameplay and New Features from the FIFA 17 Mobile Update!

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Fifa Mobile is currently in test markets like Canada (you can get it by creating a Canadian apple ID) and is getting closer to release in the US. It’s basically a beta right now and this is how they tested NBA Live Mobile also. It runs pretty smoothly, however if you compare it to Madden Mobile, the little things like how long it takes packs to open get a little bit annoying.

The gameplay is overall pretty nice, however movement can get annoying sometimes if you decide to keep the floating analog stick on. You can turn this off in preferences and it makes it much easier to move. The passing is terrible at times if you don’t have very good players.

The setup is basically like Madden and NBA Mobile except without a legacy team (of course) or sell items tab. It doesn’t run as smoothly as Madden or NBA Mobile but still works well especially if you have played EA’s other mobile games before.


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