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This video includes the FIFA 17 best tiki taka formation tutorial covering the 41212 guide in the 2nd variation in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. Make sure to check the playlist for all the Best Formation Guides & Formation Tutorials including the Top 5 formations in FIFA 17 / in depth breakdowns covering the 433 / 4321 / false nine / 442 / 352 / 4231 & much much more! I will have more tips 7 tutorials comin’ asap asap for create the Ultimate FUT Guide! Remember to watch Ovvy video covering the Best FIFA 17 Tactics & FIFA 17 instructions for the 41212 🙂

FIFA 17 3-5-2 FORMATION GUIDE/REVIEW: Best Instructions/Players and How To Play With

This Fifa 17 formation guide focuses on the 3-5-2formation in Fifa 17, the best 3 back formation in Fifa. The 3-5-2 is a great formation for good defensive players. It requires a player with confidence in his defensive skills because there are only 3 CBs. It also requires elite CBs with good pace and defending stats. With the right CBs and the right CDMs the 3-5-2 formation can feel like a 5 back formation in Fifa 17.

This Fifa 17 formation guide/ formation review will go in-detail on the best instructions for the 3-5-2 formation. It will also describe the ideal squad and players for the 3-5-2. The pros and cons of the 3-5-2 formation and lastly how to play with the 3-5-2 and score a ton of goals in Fifa 17. How to play with the 3-5-2 formation in Fifa 17.

The 3-5-2 formation guide/ formation review Fifa 17. Best instructions, best players, pros and cons, and how to play with the 3-5-2 formation in Fifa 17.

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  1. Hey, I just picked up the game (a couple of days ago) I've been checking a bunch of tutorial and I wanna play this formation but I can't find it in the formation list. Note that I do not play FUT. I did find it in FUT but not in online matches. I tried to set Bayern with it. Am I blind or is there something I don't know ? I've seen ESL players with this formation so it doesn't make much sense to me. thanks for the help.

  2. Using this formation for awhile and love it but I completely agree with what you say about the CDM, could you please reply with some suggestions for CDMs in premier league and laliga. What do you think about Kante IF in that position?

  3. yo Mike nice video but quick question.. what are some good teams to use this formation with in Seasons? thanks

  4. Use a PL team and a Ligue 1 team. Kante + Krychowiak CDM. The. Have box to box midfielders either side. CDM doesn't seem to be isolated too often.

  5. Mike I have a question (hope u reply) I'm playing on buying Messi soon, and do u think he'll be better at ST or CAM in this formation?

  6. I play this formation with Portsmouth in the championship on manager mode. It's not all about the quality of players, but rather the dynamics of team and team tactics plus the way you actually play in game…  for instance my Centre mids are not the best defensively but have high stamina, so I set them to aggressively intercept, man mark, balanced attack. Centre half on the apex of defence has good passing and vision so I set him to intercept aggressively and join attack and essentially play like a sweeper/centre mid. CAM has a free role to receive the ball and make runs. Strikers are high stamina/aggressive and press back line. every player in the team is set to intercept aggressively. Wide players have good stamina, fair pace and crossing. both have to come back on defence. Essentially this makes the formation a 5-3-2 when defending, occasionally I play natural full backs in the wide positions. tactically i'm set to medium to slow build up, which allows the wide players to transition. team pressing medium to high, wide shape, passing medium/mixed range. medium to high risk. at the beginning of the game I set mentality to attacking, as this encourages my midfield to transition more quickly and make more runs when we have the ball.

  7. Don't agree that ST have to be more than 80+ pace, really isn't necessary. I've been playing with Kane IF 88 and Rooney 84 NIF and Eriksen (88 IF) as CAM and OMG they are unstoppable. Rooney has 71 pace and Kane has 77. They protect the ball so well and with free form creation tactics from the other players, there is so much movement around them, which really makes their lack of pace unnecessary. 3-5-2 is by far my favorit tactic so far…

  8. I appreciate the video but if my opponents were as retarded as yours in the examples part I wouldn't really be watching this…

  9. Good video, I disagree with the point where you say you need to be a good defender to use this. I think this is actually a good tactic for someone who's struggling because you basically end up with 5 CBs in some situations. I concede a lot less using 352.

  10. would this formation be good against 5 defenders formations? I'm struggling with this guys who play with 5 defenders

  11. IMO Real Madrid is horrible with the 3-5-2 , as Ronaldo is not a guy who would play as a supporting striker , Ronaldo and Bale are outside wingers and work best in the 4-3-3 . 3-5-2 is a great formation for Arsenal or Atletico Madrid where Griezman and Sanchez are ideal Centre-forwards and have Target men Giroud or Torres and both teams lack good fall backs(Exception : Felipe Luiz can play as a CB) . Besides , this a wonderful series , keep up the good work

  12. Have you ever played the 4321? I think you can play it quite as the 433(5), but i feel like it is easier to put those through balls to your LF/RF

  13. I've been leaking in goals so far on FUT, i've heard that the defennders instructions should have their tackling set to normal not conservative… is this true?

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