FIFA 17 AGRESSIVE DEFENSE TUTORIAL. Beat legendary AI or players who play possesion! High pressure guide!
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  1. this works with a low tempo team, not a high passing high tempo team..

    and if you have a great dribbler, you are screwed

    and ofcourse i can utilize long balls to fast inside forwards….

  2. dude if i did all that, i would become a rocket engineer. this whole defending shit is bs. ai should do it itself since fifa supposed to be this great game. i just want to play soccer and score. i don't want defenders getting every ball or playing park the bus all that bs. i have yet to play a club that can pass and make plays like my team does yet, they get one counter attack, run through defenders and score. it's such a bs

  3. its not about yr def its about the game mistakes attacking on this game its not stronger than the def and thats wrong!!!!!!! its like slow motion when u attack

  4. many times after I tackle the ball it springs back to an opponent's player. sometimes when it happens more than once on the same attack, it leaves the opponent in a very convenient position to score.
    am I doing something wrong? is there a way to keep the control over the ball ?

  5. This is ridiculusly overpowered and has ruined the game for me. Having players bomb at me at full speed whilst also cutting out the passing lanes is not fun. Its completely unrealistic and broken. The defending team seems to suffer little or no penalty to their stamina as they can do this for 90 mins and are still able to run at me on the attack. It also takes little skill to play this way for such a huge advantage and makes games incredibly boring.

    Thanks at least for showing me what they are doing, but I wonder how long it will take EA to fix. Knowing them I will probably just wait another 4 years before buying another Fifa.

  6. I defend better that this guy, but i think there are vip accounts free of handicap or with a little handicap, cause no way u cant do that with ultra extreme handicap online, its impossible to get the ball from the rival with his invicible force field even 3 or 4 of my team can get the ball of 1 guy of my rival team even if he dont do any skills… So i dont buy this vids….. Fifa 17 is a poor game with bad bad gameplay and terrible handicap.

  7. i hate this way of playing honestly and i refuse to play it it gets me bored to play against it
    thats why am hating fifa more and more :
    if u love football just watch football dont waste 65$ on a game with such broken play-style

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