FIFA 16 Tips: Best Gameplay, Controller & Camera Angle Settings

FIFA 16 Tips: Best Gameplay, Controller & Camera Angle Settings

This is a tutorial on the FIFA 16 gameplay, controller and camera height and angle settings.

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  1. Rly u have the cross on manual ?!
    U are shure ??? … u dont want to sai semi ?!
    Cuz i try manual cross and i never going to pinpoint cross

    PS : i just asking

  2. i need help i cant play online my player cant run they are slow just i can sprint do you know if its the controllers or setting i need help please

  3. tried taking analogue settings of as you said it was terrible and felt like the running was terrible

  4. Wow if manual through balls didn't make me feel like I sucked, the passing power assistance off sure did.

  5. i have problem i play in co-op and it not always the same example when i play match in san siro its different to santiago and this thing was not not exist in all previous fifa , its annoying

  6. nice video, whenever I change the jockey to x on ps4 the short pass changes as well. any way to avoid changing the attack controls?

  7. hey dude. I have a problem with first touch. My player is slow to receive a pass even when I move him towards the ball. I remove my hand from the R2 button as you instructed in your ealier video on first touch. the player is also slow to react when he does receive it.
    Also when I give a though pass to a running player he slows down when he receives that pass before continuing his run. ( R2 button is still held). please help

  8. Btw what's the theory behind your settings? You leave passing on assisted as it targets a teammate anyway, and through ball, crosses on manual because it's easier like this to put the ball into open spaces in the most desirable way? Because i think assisted passes always mean advantage against someone who uses manual passes, on the other hand it's not necessarily true for assisted through balls and crosses, am i right?

  9. Hey Stephen, thanks for the video. I don't play online (yet), how are these settings on online games? I mean how much eg. passes assisted in FUT games? Does it depend on the given players or it cannot be changed online?

    Thanks in advance, keep up the good work, greetings from Hungary!

  10. I have the full game, and so far I'm kinda disappointed tbh, the demo was perfect. What I don't like is the first touch, dribbling, and the Midfielders who are so OP.

  11. nice video think I have watch all or most of your videos it really helps…. please can you do a fifa 16 career mode tips and cheats video I loved your fifa 15 one

  12. Hey. Try get a better editing system. E.g. That first scene should have started like 5 secs later

  13. Hey are you exited for the Champions league? and what team are you going for?? Arsenal is mine so yeah let's see what happens lol

  14. I love it i really like your videos jaja and you boy you beautyy jaja that's master bucks said hey i miss this i fucking love great men thanks dude grettings from mexico jaja ajuaa

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