FIFA 16 Sliders – Final Set – with Preferenes

«We have finally finished our FIFA 16 sliders!

10-15 Mins, World Class/Legendary,

Sprint Speed: 50/50
Acceleration: 51/51
Shot Error: 53/53
Pass Error: 55/62
Shot Speed: 51/51
Pass Speed: 60/60
Injury Freq: 99/99
Injury Severity: 60/60
GK Ability: 25/25
Marking: 54/54
Run Freq: 1/1
Line Height: 50/50
Line Length: 60/50
Line Width: 52/52
FB Positioning: 1/1
FT Control: 60/60
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« The Patch Update sliders are nearing completion! Here is a preview of the FIFA 17 Sliders. Please watch the video, and trying for yourself, before inputting the sliders listed below. Keep in mind, these are a TEST, as we are finding a proper base. Thanks!

Operation Sports Community Sliders – Set #4 (10/21/16)
Pro/World Class/Legendary, Slow, 10-15 Minutes

Played on “Broadcast Camera”

Sprint Speed 46/46
Acceleration – 50/50
Shot Error – 52/52
Pass Error – 54/54
Shot Speed – 48/48
Pass Speed – 48/48
Injury Frequency – 50/50
Injury Severity – 50/50
Goalkeeper Ability – 55/55
Marking – 57/57
Run Frequency – 1/1
Line Height – 60/60
Line Length – 50/50
Line Width – 52/52
Full Back Positioning – 45/45
First Touch Control – 0/0


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  1. Matt i like that your very into realism in gamescuz some sports are just complete dog shit in terms of realism do one for fifa 17 too if theres any problemss

  2. People are saying that lastest patch ruined the game. So my question is, if this sliders works with the latest patches…

  3. Gamers should increase the shot speed Bcoz the goalie in fifa is too strong and it's almost impossible to take long shots with weak shot speed

  4. How did you get into English football. but seriously why even with these sliders is the AI goalkeeper frustrating to beat ?

  5. Hi! so, I have a couple of questions.
    1. Pass speed of 60 is too much for me, I think I'm most comfortable with it being 35-40, right now I'm on Player career mode on legendary 8 min normal speed. And the main problem is with such low pass speed every game ends up having ~90% pass accuracy which is not realistic at all and I just can't seem to find a good value for pass error to mitigate that. Do I go for a very high pass error value like say around 90? I really don't wanna touch pass speed though, it's just perfect for me. Or is there some other value I can tweak?
    2. I've searched through countless sources but never understood why, no matter how much I play around with sliders the CPU is always so unadventurous on World Class/Legendary and just doesn't want to rush forward. You would think that teams like R. Madrid, BVB, Arsenal should be very much offensively oriented, but from my experience the CPU is more often happy to just pass the ball around between their defenders and it's super annoying to spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to steal the ball from them, because obviously I don't have nearly as much impact on how my CPU controlled teammates react when I'm playing as just one dude. Is there a sure way to make the opposing CPU attack more often?

  6. matt might as well be a real football manager. i bet he is shit at fifa 16 though 🙂
    do these sliders work for career World Class??

  7. I play on PS3 and i have every Game 70% Ball Possesion or more and 15:1 Shots on Target,the Computer only stands in the back and wait,i play 8 minutes and on legendary,do you have any tipps?
    PS:Sorry for my Bad English,i'm from Germany 😉

  8. I used your sliders and I like it, but my only complaints are the CPU passing is very bad and they miss easy goals by miles. How can I fix this?

  9. Hey Matt when are you going to update the sliders? I've been checking the OS site daily for your personal set but no changes since the 9th there and that set doesn't play well no more for some reason. first couple days was playing great but all of sudden they just weren't the same no more which is very weird. I know it takes time and lots of work but I need my fifa lol I can't play without your magic touch so please please help us all out

  10. @Matt10L thank you for you anwser. i am using your personel sliders which i like because of the sprint and acc.

    but i Have decreased the pass error of the cpu and there Pass acc stats of the match is like 89 /90 but still less ball possesion. i Have decreased the acc 49/50 and it Just works because i am slower. i Have cpu cover on 80 and user at 78. the rest is a copy of your personel sliders.

    the cpu seems not to build up at slow tempo.

    my questions are:

    1. do i need to decrease my cover ? so that the cpu had little bit more space.

    2. one of your previous old videos YouTube. you recommended to one of your followers complaning of that he is has to much ball possesion. you said put your length on 50 and cpu on 60. do i need to do the Same like 44/55.

    3. must i adjust the HLW ? if it is a Yes.. then in which way to have the cpu more ball possesion and spot on space to have far better ball possesion ?.

    haha please Help me out. i am screaming for joining you guys. that is starting a freaking CM with Sparta Rotterdam.

  11. @Matt10L how are you doing man ? i Have a big issue… i am to good for CM because i Have played fifa for a Long Time… i Mean very Long like sinds '97. i Have been using your newest sliders. but i want adjust the sliders to make myself very difficult but still to be realistic. Yeah i know is Crazy work.. but can you please give a couple of tips for the sliders:

    1. how to increase the cpu to have More balpossesion

    2. how to increase the pressure of the cpu because its to low for my current level at legendary.

    thank you and a great thanks for your work and the Community. shout out to you and the Community !

  12. I really respect the job you and your friends do… I'm watching them here and on twitch.. but i quited play fifa 17 due to worst scripting that i saw this year…. All Career games , Momentum scripting and etc… All games results are set just before the game.. whatever you do , when you score a lucky goal.. you know that u will concede one.. and they make it so cheap… your players start not to tackle not to pass… even not reaching to any header…. whoever find this SCRIPTING in EA (they always had it in all their games.. NEed for speed, NBA Live and all fifas) I just want him to die…. They think that if always a competition the game will sell better but this is football.. sometimes you win or you lose but u have to do it in a fair way… Whatever you do with sliders MATT… all of them gets rubbish when EA Scripting is on its way…. if u put a 100 pass error to CPU , with scripting they start to pass like Barca till they score.. then everything goes normal…..

  13. played a few games using these sliders..very good but I've kept it on normal speed…might have to try slow speed but I don't want it to slow

  14. ok so I have played couple games with this sliders and it seems that we have found perfect sliders I have only increesed pass error on cpu to 63 to make it more realistic ( cpu still got 83 pass acc ) Im playing on semi pass so its pretty fair game 😉

  15. Hey matt, I don't play with sliders cause I think the game plays fine as it is. But did you also notice that it has become incredibly difficult to dribble past the AI since the update? Before it has been a bit too easy I think but now it seems very hard. Also passing into the box is really hard now, many times the AI will stick out a foot and nick the ball away…

  16. This makes the game looks extremely sluggish. Surely I'm not the only one who can see this. When you think Liverpool v United, you think of an exciting encounter. Everything just seems so slow and robotic. Watching this footage, I would think it's LA Galaxy vs Portsmouth.

  17. I hate how theres no foul called on the blatant slide at the beginning of the 2nd half. It seems the cpu gets away with a lot more physically. Theres nothing we can do about it, just ea logic

  18. Sorry guys but you've lowered shot speed, increased shot error and dramatically increased gk ability as well? This is gonna lead to a lot of frustrating 0-0 games surely? :/

  19. Hey! I finally got fifa the other day, one thing I noticed on default settings was the pass accuracy was a major hit and miss; like simple passes missing the mark and obscure ones being perfectly executed. I've applied the last lot of sliders and it seems to be working fine.

    keep up the good work mate, have you given a career mode a thought yet?

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