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  1. I think it is hard to say what kind of defender I am if you've never played against me or seen me play. I've played a professional Fifa player before, and it was a very good game defensively. It ended 0-0.

  2. I never used the contain button in my life. But defenders that you're not controlling literally stand still until you select them, and by the time you do that, it is too late. Please don't tell me that a real footballer would ever do that in a match.

  3. But you're playing a game. Not everything is going to be a frequent happening in football. Besides, goalkeepers have dribbles passed players before, for example Rene Higuita, possibly the craziest/most energetic goalkeeper I've heard of. So if a goalkeeper scores a penalty in FIFA it's unrealistic because not often they do in real life? If it's possible it's realistic, to an extent. What are you going to say next? 'Passing it around the back all game is unrealistic because teams don't do it'?

  4. "Plus if you go on Youtube, you can find a video of KSI skilling with his Goalie, getting passed every player and scoring. Realistic? NO" Once again you're saying skilling is overpowered without realising it.

  5. But goalkeepers skilling wouldn't be overpowered AT ALL? In FIFA, If they lose the ball, which they most likely would, they would pay the price and concede a goal. I really wouldn't mind it if people brought their keepers and tried to skill past my players in a game.

  6. "I never said skilling was overpowered. I just said that having a defender that can skill would be overpowered" Isn't that implying that skilling is overpowered?

  7. Of course defenders can skill. And no, because all they need to do is make tackling more effective and just simply being in their way is effective. You're saying skilling is overpowered without realising it, when saying the players are overpowered.

  8. Who are you exactly? Stop trying to act hard on the internet just because your mother isn't around you little shit.

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