DEFENDING TIPS!! – FULL GAMEPLAY – Fifa 17 Inside the Mind of JohnnyTsunami01

DEFENDING TIPS!! – FULL GAMEPLAY – Fifa 17 Inside the Mind of JohnnyTsunami01

In this inside the mind of JohnnyTsunami01 episode, I show you full Fifa 17 gameplay rather than highlights and talk over it with tips. In this episode we focus on Fifa 17 defending tips to help improve your defending. Making sure to keep your CBs back to slow down your opponent’s attack is extremely important in defending in Fifa 17. Then you take control of your CDM and apply pressure on the ball with him.

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Easy method to fix 30fps lock occuring in menus, cinematics, highlights, replays, goal kicks in FIFA 16 and FIFA 17. I will show You how to uncap fps so You can play the game properly. This fix was tested by me and I’ve been successfully using it for a couple of years now.

So… Your PC is powerful enough to handle FIFA 16 or FIFA 17 and You set a 60 fps lock in the game settings but You still get 30 fps lock sometimes? Don’t worry, because this problem can be easily fixed.

First, press the right mouse button on Your desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel.

Then select Manage 3D settings ➜ Program Settings and find fifa16.exe in the drop-down list. If it’s not there then You can add it manually by pressing the “Add” button.

With it selected scroll down until You find the “Vertical sync” option. Set it to ON and remember to press Apply to save Your settings. (You can also set Vsync to Adaptive. That way vertical sync will only be on when framerate is above Your monitor refresh rate).

Now go to Your FIFA 16 game settings and change the Frame Rate option to “No Limit on fps”. You can also select “Disable Windows Aero Theme” if You experience micro stuttering or struggle with performance in the game.

Press “Ok” to save those settings.

Now simply launch the game. The 30fps cap should be fixed and You can enjoy playing Your game the way it is meant to be played.

This fix is obviously for NVIDIA GPU users, but if You have an AMD GPU then do this (thanks to Placebo from fifaforums for sharing this):

1. Download and install Radeon Pro
2. Run RP and click add profile (similar to this image )
3. Choose FIFA17.exe
4. Choose the tweak tab and set Vsync to Dynamic and put in the FPS you need in “Display Refresh rate” like so:
5. right click Fifa 17 on the left and click apply

If You have any problems or questions regarding this fix then please let me know down below.


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Win 10
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  1. This worked for a while but recently realized that it stopped working.
    Redone it, removed the profile data, played with a ton of settings… No avail.
    Did EA patch this already? If so, I'm gonna' go crazy. Playing even the career mode with 30 fps now.

  2. can u help me?? i have maxed all the settings but the grass doesn't show…its like the pitch is plain and no long grass which doesnot looks good. plz help if u know

  3. hey man, could it be I just played you on FIFA 17 PC? You dicked on possession and chances but I'd love to play you more so I can get better. I would love to hear from you.

    Destine FC from futchamps FIFA 17

  4. I have changed de vertical sync and i'm still having problems with my fifa 17.I have a i5 6600 and a gtx 1060 gb wich configs or settings should i use?

  5. LOL you got cancer channel, beated you in fut champs. 7-0 and u substituded dybala and salah… you are so fcking bad omg

  6. can i play fifa 17? Spec = core i7 3720QM @2.6ghz with 8 GB Ram. Nvidia NVS 5200M 1GB Dedicated VRAM
    Fifa 16 runs on High setting at 45 to 55 FPS.

  7. Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    AMD FX-6300

    8.00GB RAM

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

    I have lag in FIFA 17, what to do? 🙂

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