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  1. "Lets do his short pass. That's my games I like to play 1 2's and get in behind"In game "let's see if we can get the cross in"

  2. MGH How did you update the squads so that Silva, Musacchio, Rodríguez and Kessié were already there? Are you on current customised instead of download latest? If so doesn't that mean the ratings and all other clubs' transfers would be out of date?

  3. Wolfsburg were a good team when this was made so it is realistic they were bad this season so they'll be shit in fifa18

  4. Not to be a bother but it's rly bugging me how u pronounce romagnoli!!!! It's pronounced ( RO-MA-NYO-LI ) the g is silent

  5. Feel like your team is too defensive with both kessie and nzonzi in the team, i feel like the mistake was buying nzonzi in the first place, should have gotten a more attacking cm and put kessie in DM

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