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  1. Love the videos Mike, keep up the good work!! I been using this formation since I started the game a few months ago.. I use a BPL squad and had Firminio at CAM, I finally upgraded last week and put the inform Lallana in there, just wondering if you think I should stick with him or maybe go for like the inform Dele Ali or somebody else? I Have inform defoe and regular martial up front..

  2. hello mike im a big fan from the uk the way you played in this video is exactly how i want to play with the players running into space and very fast counter attack could you plz show your custom tactics that would now be suitable to play like this with the 4312 plz reply because im trying to get better and improve every day keep up your great work and excellent videos

  3. I have this squad:


    GK: Fährmann
    LB: Kolasinac
    CB: Hummels
    CB: Sokratis
    RB: Piszczek
    CDM: Vidal
    RM: Robben
    LM: Konoplyanka
    CAM: Müller
    ST: Lewandowski
    ST: Aubameyang

    What do you think?

  4. hi dirtymike im a long time fan i was wondering when ovvy does the custom tactics do you both consult eachother as to the values of the custom tactics and what do you think is the best team width for this formation thx for your time

  5. I play this formation in seasons with Arsenal and it's amazing how I win every single match scoring lots of goals doing tiki taka… I use Ramsey-Xhaka-Cazorla in mid and Ozil as CAM and I'd like to try them in FUT because they are underused and cheap (except for Ozil, I'd try Silva instead because he's too similar)

  6. i have third if icardi and lewandowski do i play them in his formation becouse idk they are not the fastest but i nreally wanna use them

  7. can you review my squad pls. 4312:
    GK: Perin
    CBs: Barzagli & Ogbonna
    Full backs: Baines & Florenzi
    CM: Parolo
    RCM: Pjanic
    LCM: Moussa Dembele
    CAM: Nainggolan
    LST: Lukaku (Hunter)
    RST: IF Mandzukic (Hunter)

  8. If you set custom tactics at the start of a game and then switch formation do they stick? I know you have to redo instructions but not sure about tactics.

  9. I can't even get into fut champions. Every year I'm very good at offense and defense but never midfield. I feel like this year the midfield is very important. I can never win this year because I also miss my passes and loss the ball in the midfield.

  10. I have a la logs team with 4312, my strikers are ones to watch sansone and Ben yedder, are they good with this formation or which ones should I get

  11. This formation is better when it comes to pressure but if your a good possession holder and know how to pass the ball you'll get absolutely recked running the 4312 I used to run it and recently switched to the 41212 (2) and it's literally the best formation because that cdm stays low and it gives you way more stability and less chances of counter attacks it also plays very similar to the 4312 because the of the positioning of your players but a bit less pressure and more space to do give and goes or hold the ball a bit more. That's my opinion and take in to consideration I ran Kante a inform at that lower cm role and he has medium high workrates and I still would get countered even on stay back while attacking on all your Cms your not safe

  12. Hey nice gameplay! Curiously, this morning I was reading your article in the fifa forum about this formation. I did a test and I liked the possession game mode (which was never my best). I still need to improve a lot but your two videos will be part of my studies for this. Thanks! Subscribed.

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