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« FIFA 17 Sliders are done…again? The version update was in bad shape, but thanks to an older set from OS, I think we got it where it needs to be. Check it out!


Operation Sports Community Sliders

World Class/Legendary, 10-15 Mins, Slow Speed

Camera: Broadcast, Default Zoom & Height
Sprint – 51/51 – Reduces the jogging animation and creates more physicality since we can’t create a length discrepancy due to how sensitive this update is.

Accel – 49/49 – No change here, personal preference.

Shot Error – 51/51 – Have to reduce it from 53 of most recent set because things are somewhat tighter, so need more goals/efforts.

Pass Error – 60/60 – Never had a problem with it at 60, this is personal preference though. Main thing to pay attention to is the crossing.

Shot Speed – 50/50 – For some reasons the shots are much harder (yet haven’t made the keepers any less clinical) than before. Keeping it simple and back to 50.

Pass Speed – 45/30 – Big difference here is to remove that stupid drilled passing for the CPU. You will be surprised how hard the CPU can pass the ball even on 30.

Injury Freq – 50/50 – No Change.

Injury Severity – 5/5 – No Change.

GK Ability – 15/15 – No Change here.

Marking – 78/78 – Big difference from 54, I know. However, the defensive ADD shows up so much more on the lower marks, not to mention they are super indifferent and zero resistance to prance about the midfield. The strength of Set #2 was this value, so just kept it simple again.

Run Freq – 5/5 – Tighter lines and marking, you’ll be surprised how there are still plenty of movements off the ball.

Height – 65/68 – The ol’ height discrepancy of FIFA 16 Set D makes an appearance. The height in this game has changed for the “intent” to make the game more dynamic, but it was poorly executed. You can see what a difference height makes now with the patch updates. This is where a lot of trial and error was tested, and I’m glad to be able to use a higher line height with the composition of the set.

Length – 40/40 – Just produces the best looking midfield. Have gone all over the place with this, and it’s been consistent. My only issue with it is how on clearances the players start to get closer together as the ball is in the air, just looks odd – but works when build up is involved, etc.

Width – 70/70 – Definitely wider than usual, but another very sensitive value as it controls the midfield width and the defensive line width. With the marking at 78, it’s important to see proper coverage, but tight enough to have the play break open.

FB Pos – 60/60 – Another outlet to the lower run frequency, also serves for some nice variety from the back as teams will try to exploit the given space.

FT Control – 65/65 – Slowing the pace of play down here. Felt the game was also getting quite “soft” and almost no error on touches at 55.

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  1. Those sliders seem way too easy for me at 10 mins at Legendary. Can you give me some ideas how to make the game harder?

  2. I really hate this first touch setup, the best players like ronaldo and messi can't even get a ball under control no matter how soft u pass it to them, this needs adressing. Last year u got them sliders pretty good, also reverted back to 40 cpu pass speed 30 is too slow. FT control might just get back to 50 for both, I like faster games. The rest I can't notice if it's good or not so i'll just go on good faith. putting my own injury's lower than yours coz I like my good players. sorry if it's too harsh criticism, just giving my opinion

  3. Hi matt! It has been a long time since I posted a comment on one of your videos..even though I watch every single one ;). I had something I wanted to share with you. I used your "new" slider set because well…the last update of EA was ehm…crap. I started a career mode with Leyton orient and it worked fantastic at first although I won a LOT of matches against the other league teams (I think Leyton orient is a promotion candidate so it seems fair). I felt that the new slider set worked like a charm. However, I am a Spurs supporter and when I started a CM with Spurs, everything changed. Everything became so fast and unrealistic that I wanted to quit the game after 5 minutes. At the moment it feels like the slider set works perfectly with lower league teams, but you immediately notice that with highly rated teams everything seems unnatural. This is something in general with fifa IMO, because there are more drilled (and impossibly accurate) passes and the defence seems to close you down like stamina is none existent. I won the game with spurs however and both goals were scored by wanyama, who is my defensive midfielder, who I instructed to stay back while attacking… I really want a realistic feel when I play with my favourite team but it hasnt worked this year. I think that my main concern is that the tactics dont work at all. Harry Kane drops down to midfield and wanyama continues to score. Also my fullbacks stay at the center of the pitch which also doesnt make sense. A bit frustrating. Maybe you have some tips? Also wanted to say I still appreciate your very very very good work 😀 Keep doing what your doing!

    Greetings from Holland, Antonio

  4. i dont like adjusting user controls cause while i still play fut i feel like it will make me wrose at one or the other

  5. I tested this sliders CPU vs CPU Legendary 15 minutes Game speed slow, NO FOULS MAYBE 1-2 per match no YELLOW CARDS wich destroy whole game, very rare to corner happen, last sliders was MUCH MUCH better then this.

  6. What you say about these sliders helping a global base is on the money, it's something people forget (me included)

  7. My problem with the CPU pass speed at 30 is that it becomes a tad easy when closing down players. I'm able to anticipate the pass and really press the CPU to just booting the ball away in unrealistic scenarios. I've upped it to 40 and while the ball is still drilled too often, it's not so bad where I have to really lower their pass speed. Everything else seems to be working well though.

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