3 Simple Settings to Use & Become Better Players on FIFA 17 TUTORIAL – How to get better at FIFA 17

3 Simple Settings to Use & Become Better Players on FIFA 17 TUTORIAL - How to get better at FIFA 17

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  1. WARNING!!!

    For people watching this video with headphones/earphones, turn down the volume because if you don't this motherfucker is going to give u hearing loss!

  2. This video does not show you how to accomplish what you need correctly. Last version of the cheat is here just search " rivaloguides " on google.

  3. Krasi, how can I win a through ball instead of my opponent while the ball is still on air? By just pressing the right analog? When I am defending the opponent strikers win easily the air through ball and the also push me.
    Thank you.

  4. I've asked before krasi but none of my tatics work.players don't stay back.dont tackle.dont go forward.great team I get beat by weak teams.sliw play lag .they played my account and said account issue then backtracked and said isp wich it's not

  5. These settings literally fucked everything up lol. Tele-broadcast just zooms it in even with 0 zoom. Is my TV the problem? It's quite big.

  6. same recycled shit over and over again. don't get me wrong his an fantastic YouTuber and much respect for his hard work, but let's face it fifa is shit with all its scripting bull shit and watching these videos is just not entertaining

  7. Krasi these all points are already mentioned by boras and ovy before ..you're just wasting our time ..and that point of lob through ball literally sucks cause it automatically puts simple through ball in manual mode which creates hevok

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